Fancy Pets Boarding & Daycare


Have a long trip to take? Or maybe just a weekend? Fancy Pets is able to accommodate your pets for both short and long term boarding services. Be it a day or a week, our handlers will make sure your pet is in the best possible care with a customized schedule for their needs.


If you are planning to vacation during the summer or need to take an emergency trip, then Fancy Pets is the place to leave your pet for boarding. While other boarding facilities lack in cleanliness and care, we take the time and effort needed to make a safe and fun environment for your pets. At FancyPets you receive a personalized boarding service. As natural dog lovers, we don’t like to leave our pets just sitting in their cages, we try our best to make them feel at home.

Our boarding service will include:

  • At least 4 walks a day (long walks!)
  • Water available all day
  • All of our loving and care

What to bring:

  • Food & Treats
  • A sleeping bed
  • Any special medication (if needed)
  • A personal item
  • A favorite toy

NOTE: All dogs accepted must be vaccinated and healthy – let us know of any special health conditions

Shot records required if not on file.



Doggie day care is a new concept in pet services. In the beginning, it meant leaving your dog with a baby sitter for the day. The concept has evolved much since then, and Fancy Pets has been one of the leading providers of dog daycare services in Central Florida.

Day Care can be a great way for your pet to socialize. Bringing your pet into a neutral territory along with other dogs has shown to have a very positive effect on their moods, as they learn to socialize with new friends.

It can also be very useful if you don’t want to leave them home alone during your working hours. You will soon find out that day care results in better behavior at home as their energy is expended during the day.

Fancy Pets Day Care Includes:

  • Walks every 2 hours (long walks!)
  • Water available all day
  • New Friends
  • Exciting Play

Shot records required if not on file.



We’re a CLEAN establishment

Daily Sanitizing & Cleaning

We keep our location clean and tidy hourly so that your pets are never at risk.

Floors Bleached Nightly

We give our floors a complete bleach and mop treatment each night to prevent sickness.

Veterinarian Standards

We are a step above most groomers, that’s why we follow veterinarian standards for cleanliness.