Experience Fancy Pets Grooming

We have a wide selection of services available to take care of your pets needs. With grooming, bathing and deshedding in a friendly, fun environment, we’ll have your furry friend looking pristine. Fancy Pets uses safe tested products like Spa by Tropiclean, Furminator, Biogroom and Blueberry Facial

Full Grooming

First we will start off with a short walk. Then we will grind or clip your pets nails, followed by a gentle brushing and de-matting (if necessary) before a cozy bath with natural products. Then we are ready for a very special and fashionable haircut and teeth brushing! After a few hours we’ll give you a call so you can come and pick up your furry friends! We work with all sizes and breeds!

** Prices depend on dog breed and fur conditions, please see the pricing page for details


Regular Bathing

Our safe and relaxing bath will include a brushing, nail clipping/dremel and a deep bath with natural products. After getting your pet dry and brushing their teeth, we will brush their coat again and have them smelling fresh! We handle all sizes and breeds.

** Prices are subject to change depending dog breed and fur conditions


De-shedding Treatment


Ideal for all breeds, long or short haired, de-shedding treatment is scheduled every 4-6 weeks with periodic baths in between to control shedding. Employing a mild de-shedding shampoo solution, we remove most of dead undercoat from your dog by gently combing repeatedly before, during and after the bath tub to remove most of the excess hair. Our de-shedding treatment is made safe for pets by Furminator.

** Prices are subject to change depending dog breed and fur conditions


Special Services


In some cases our pets fur may get tangled, which leads to matting. Ask how we can help!

Flea & Tick Dip

For more information on flea and tick prevention and treatment, call our office!

Teeth Brushing

Smelly breath? No problem! Ask us how to improve your pets dental health.

Nail Trimming

Keep your pet comfortable and ask us to trim their nails during a visit!

We Also Service

At Fancy Pets we have a special relationship with the felines in our lives, that’s why we take special care to make sure your cat is in a secure and comfortable environment while we tend to their needs.

We offer the following cat grooming services:

  • Bathing
  • Furminating
  • Claw Clipping
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Ear Cleaning

We know it’s hard to find a proper handler for your flying friends, our groomers have years of experiences with many bird breeds and sizes. Keep your birds prim and trim with Fancy Pets.

We offer the following bird grooming services:

  • Claw Trimming
  • Wing Clipping

We groom pigs! Bring in your pet pig to Fancy Pets, we have years of experience in bathing and grooming pigs. We get five out of five oinks!

We offer the following pig grooming services:

  • Pig Grooming
  • Pig Bathing
  • Pet Pigs Only
  • Under 40 Lbs

Fancy Pets is able to accommodate a wide range of animals, breeds and sizes. We also can perform many of our services on special needs pets. If your dog is injured, elderly or requires special handling please contact us to book a grooming session in advance.

We ask that you book your special pet with us during the early morning hours, Monday thru Thursday.